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Component Engineer Job Description

Component Engineer Job Description

Component engineers are experts who apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and functional design to create solutions for technological problems. They are known to specialize in designing parts and pieces used in larger projects. Component engineers can work in fields such as electrical, mechanical or computing, and be employed across a wide range of industries, from appliances to automotive and aviation. They can be involved in any stage of a project, from research and development, production, and design to manufacturing, installation, and compliance.

The main responsibility of a component engineer is to supply components that are required to manufacture tools, products and equipment, and to make sure those components are reliable and that they meet the relevant product requirements as well as standards for safety and performance. Component engineers are responsible for selecting components to be used in the production process, and also for studying, analyzing and approving these components, as well as for directing material used to manufacture the end product.

Skills and qualifications

The skills needed to perform the work of a component engineer come with expertise in mathematics and science. Component engineers are usually good at analytical thinking and problem solving. Creativity and the ability to come up with new solutions is a must in this profession. Component engineers must also have a high degree of insight when it comes to technological problems, and they must be familiar with all the aspects of the manufacturing process as well as with all the materials used.

Communication skills and the ability to work in a cooperative environment are two other skills that are mandatory when specializing in component engineering, as engineers spend a lot of their time working alongside clients, other experts and technical staff.

In terms of formal education, a component engineer is expected to have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. If a component engineer works in the public sector, he or she must be licensed by the state. 


Component engineers are usually found in indoor laboratories or offices. They normally work 40 hours a week and can sometimes work extended hours. Most projects they are involved in have a team-like environment, and component engineers regularly communicate and cooperate with other technicians, engineers and clients.

Component engineers typically work in areas such as engineering and are usually employed by a wide array of companies and government agencies. Their everyday duties may include analyzing, evaluating and understanding issues that are associated with engineering. They are also responsible for designing different components that are used to resolve a variety of issues that may arise in the production process.

The salary of a component engineer will vary depending on the job and industry in which he or she is employed, but becoming a component engineer can be an extremely lucrative field to specialize in. With the right education, one can expect to work in a highly respected Industry, and make a substantial amount of money. Hiring trends suggest that component engineering jobs will grow and continue to be in high demand up until 2018.