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Computer Engineer Salary

The salary of a computer engineer depends on his or her particular field of expertise, work experience, and location among other things. Relevant work experience, qualifications, and the quality of a computer engineer’s previous work are among the most important factors when determining salary.

Systems engineers, for instance, earn between £16,225 and £42,017 depending on their years of experience, according to Payscale. Software engineers, developers and programmers are paid between £19,546 and £45,366, also depending on their work experience. Senior roles generally come with higher salaries. Senior test and quality assurance engineers, for example, earn between £25,800 and £44,359 on average, while senior software engineers are paid between £30,781 and £61,730 a year. Salaries can vary even among computer engineering professionals who are doing the same job depending on location and size of the employer’s company or organization.

Starting salary

Starting salaries also vary from one role to the next, but like other fields of engineering, computer engineering comes with pretty competitive salaries for recent graduates. Systems engineers earn between £14,874 and £25,549 in their first year of work. Software engineers, programmers and developers make between £15,387 and £36,492 in the first year.

Senior software engineers who are new to senior roles are paid between £29,163 and £55,000, and senior test and quality assurance engineers earn between £25,644 and £44,405.

Hourly rate

Hourly rates vary greatly among computer engineers and depend on the nature of the job. Software engineers, programmers and developers make between £8.14 and £20 per hour on average, while senior software engineers with 5 to 9 years of experience can expect to earn between £21.14 and £64.56 per hour. The more specialized the role, the more room there is to negotiate a better salary, and with a variety of specialized computer engineering jobs and skill sets, salaries can depend on an engineer’s negotiation skills in many cases.

General salary information

Computer engineers are always in high demand with the growing reliance on computer systems and with the Internet and computer networks becoming crucial to any business or organisation's operations. This gives any computer engineer who is good at what he or she does an excellent career outlook, regardless of whether they are working for the goverment, the health care system, the telecommunications industry, or privately owned businesses in the commercial sector.

Cities and highly populated areas are the best places to look for high paying computer engineer jobs, as these are the places that are the most high-tech and always need professionals to manage the computer systems and networks.

Computer software engineers are in particularly high demand because businesses are always looking for new applications and technologies that will give them a competitive edge on the market, reduce the costs, or save their employees time. For this reason, computer engineering is an industry that will continue to thrive despite any economic crises, and engineers who build a solid professional reputation for themselves have a variety of options, which gives them more freedom to set their salary expectations higher without fear of losing any particular project or client.