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Construction Engineer Job Description

Construction Engineer Job Description

Construction engineers are civil engineers who are employed in the construction industry. They work with the planning and management of the construction of buildings and infrastructure, and can also be responsible for designing railroads and railways. The construction engineer may be needed to implement a new project, or to repair or rebuild existing buildings or infrastructure that have been damaged or destroyed in natural or manmade disasters. Construction engineering jobs are in high demand at the present time.

Construction engineers usually choose an area of specialty within the mechanical, building, electrical, or heavy industry. The construction engineer is the one who plans the construction project and advises the contractors and other technical staff. The engineer will decide about the surveys that need to be completed before the project start date, research the project and analyze the results of the research. The construction engineer provides the information needed to the client and sometimes to the public regarding the construction project details, and informs them of any concerns with the implementation of the construction project. The engineer also serves as the construction site liaison. The main goal of his or her job is to complete the project in a timely manner, safely, and with cost saving measures.

Skills and qualifications

The academic requirements needed to be an efficient construction engineer are at least a bachelor's degree in construction engineering. The construction engineer needs to have good mathematical skills, an excellent knowledge of the laws of physics, the ability to analyze situations on the job site and he or she must be an excellent critical thinker. If there are concerns at the construction site, the construction engineer should be able to listen to what individuals are saying, address their concerns, and offer solutions to any problems that may arise. Verbal and written communication skills are also important traits for the construction engineer, as most jobs in the field include working closely with contractors and other employees, and communicating with the client and management. Construction engineers must also be able to put together a good team of contractors and technical staff to complete a project successfully.


Construction engineers can work from company offices or at construction sites. A construction engineer's day usually begins with a meeting with senior staff to discuss the project. He will typically inform the staff of the progress and answer any questions they may have. The construction engineer is usually responsible for completing an inventory of the building materials and writing reports. He will evaluate all the safety issues that arise over the course of a project and generate all the necessary reports, if needed. If there are any concerns, the construction engineer will work on solving the issues, modifying the construction plans, recommending best practices, and submitting a written report. Regardless of whether the construction plans are changed or remain the same, the construction engineer will communicate the current status of the project to the workers, and provide them with information on how close the project is to completion.