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Cover Letter Tips for Executives

A well crafted cover letter for your executive job application can make a big difference to your interview acceptance rate. When presenting your executive experience and capabilities to prospective executive recruiters, the cover letter for your executive job application is a critical marketing document and you should treat it as a key project in its own right.

Look closely at the job description and requirements in the advertisement before you start writing your executive cover letter. The advertisement gives the best detail about the company and what skills and experience they are looking for in their employees. Then try to match your skills and experience to their requirements in your executive cover letter, in order to convince the recruiter that you need to be given an interview.

Unlike your executive CV or resume, however, the cover letter for your executive job application should not offer too many details about your professional experience in the executive sector. When writing the executive cover letter you should have one goal in mind - to get an interview. There is therefore no need to list all the content already contained within your executive CV / Resume. Instead grab the recruiter's attention by carefully selecting a number of career snippets that best fit the requirements of the executive role as advertised. Recruiters have hundreds of CVs / Resumes to read. If your cover letter isn't succinct and relevant to the executive job then they may reject your application.

There are generally three paragraphs to an executive cover letter. The first one introduces you and your purpose and states where you saw the advert. In the second paragraph you pitch for the executive job. You provide the recruiter with the pithy summary of your skills and executive experience that positions you as the superior candidate for the job. In the last paragraph you describe your eagerness to join the organisation and ask for an interview date.

Our sample letter below illustrates these points.

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Julia Leiten
Executive Recruiter
XS Executive
435 Acacia Road
Guildford QF12

Dear Mrs. Leiten,

I read with much interest that you are advertising for a Senior Executive on [Job Board / Media].

As an experienced [Relevant Job Title] who has concentrated primarily on [relevant specialisation for specific job advert], I'm convinced that my capabilities in [list specific sales points] would enrich an organisation as devoted to high quality executive as yours has been, and I would appreciate the chance to interview for this position.

Please find enclosed my CV / Resume for your review and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Horace Leiten