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Environmental Engineer Salary

Environmental Engineer Salary

Environmental engineers' salaries typically range from £20,134 to £42,567 a year according to Payscale and from £25,500 to £57,500 a year according to Total Jobs. The median salary for environmetal engineers in the UK is £32,500 a year. The salaries can vary greatly depending on years of experience, field of speciality, employer type, location and the nature of the work the engineers perform.

Environmental engineers with 1 to 4 years of experience usually earn between £18,882 and £40,851 per year, while those with 5 to 9 years of experience earn from £23,291 to £42,344 per year. Engineers working in London typically earn from £21,000 to £49,665 a year.

Company size can be a factor in determining salary, too. For example, the average salary range for environmental engineers employed in companies with 50 -199 employees is from £22,554 to £26,451, while those working for companies with 5,000 to 19,999 employees earn between £25,874 and £40,452 a year.

Starting salary

Starting salaries for civil and environmental engineers in the UK range from £22,000 to £29,000 a year. Engineers with a professional qualification are on the higher end of the scale.

Hourly wage

The average hourly rate for graduate environmental engineers is around £10.75 per hour, and for all environmental engineers, around £15.79 per hour according to MySalary.co.uk.

General salary information

Environmental engineers with a bachelor's degree will have no trouble finding jobs in the private sector, and their salaries will depend on the company's size and location. Their salaries are often based on performance, which is good in terms of opportunities for career advancement, but job security can sometimes depend on results in the short term for long-term polution and waste issues. Most popular skills among environmental engineers are environmental consulting and project management.

The most popular benefits in the environmental engineering profession are company pension plans, paid vacation and sick leave, education/training/certification reimbursement, flexible work schedule, and life and disability insurance. The most popular certification is that of a Certified Professional Engineer (PE).

When it comes to vacation weeks, environmental engineers with less than a year of experience typically have 3.8 weeks a year, those with 1 to 4 years of experience have 4.1 weeks a year, and engineers with 5 to 9 years of experience under their belt get 4.4 weeks a year.

Becoming a Certified Professional Engineer (PE) usually comes with a salary bump. Environmental engineers with a PE certification typically earn from £39,305 to £50,868 a year.

Engineers who choose a career in environmental health and safety engineering can expect to earn from £28,000 to £68,400 a year after 10 years of experience working in relevant jobs. Senior environmental health and safety engineers make between £34,228 and £69,668 a year on average.

Environmental engineers with a few years of experience in the field and a solid track record can progress to project manager roles or move into the consulting profession. Salaries in project management range from £19,399 to £48,479 a year, and environmental consultants can earn between £19,097 and £41,782 a year. Environmental engineering consultants, on the other hand, can earn between £12,685 and £57,217 a year.