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Manufacturing Engineer Salary

Salaries of manufacturing engineers vary according to a number of factors, from experience, location, and size of the employer's company to job title and nature of the work. For instance, manufacturing engineers in London typically earn between £28,898 and £34,392 a year, those in Manchester earn from £23,385 to £38,650, and engineers in Bristol are usually paid between £24,147 and £31,945 a year according to Payscale. Extra or unsocial hours can be also be a factor in determining an engineer's salary or hourly rate, especially when a company is installing and testing a new manufacturing process and needs to meet deadlines.

The salaries of manufacturing engineers also vary by industry. Engineers employed in the electronics and manufacturing sector, for instance, typically earn between £18,828 and £25,476 a year, while those working in the aerospace manufacturing sector make between £21,198 and £35,768 a year. The salaries of engineers who work in the manufacturing and distribution industry range from £23,267 to £35,889 a year.

Chartered engineers typically earn £40,000 a year or more, and experienced manufacturing engineers with 10 to 15 years of experience and those in senior jobs usually earn between £40,000 and £60,000 a year according to the graduate careers site Prospects.ac.uk. Consulting jobs that come with a lot of responsibilities and senior executive roles can bring in a much higher paycheck. A significant number of chartered engineers choose to work as consultants and charge hourly rates, which can also be a way to increase their salary.

Manufacturing engineers' salaries in the UK range from £20,886 to £36,255 a year without bonuses according to Payscale. Engineers with 1 to 4 years of experience typically earn between £20,719 and £34,244 a year, those with 5 to 9 years of experience make from £18,383 to £31,755, engineers with 10 to 19 years of experience earn between £21,331 and £38,116, and those with 20 years or more make between £22,257 and £46,706 a year.

Starting salary

Starting salaries for manufacturing engineers are usually somewhere in the range between £24,000 and £28,000 a year according to Prospects.ac.uk, and between £24,311 and £ 26,573 a year according to Payscale.

General salary information

Career progress of a manufacturing engineer can depend on the support structure within their employer's company and the variety of manufacturing stages and processes to which they are exposed over the course of their career. Many engineering companies offer training programs to new employees, which can help recent graduates gain chartered status faster. Professional bodies such as the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Institution of Chemical Engineers, also offer professional development training programs in many locations.

Manufacturing engineers with the status of Engineer in Training (EIT) typically make from £24,217 to £31,986 a year, while Certified Professional Engineers (PE) usually earn between £15,456 and £40,055 a year. Engineers with a bachelor's degree make between £24,929 and £32,615 a year.

Engineers' career advancement depends mainly on their willingness to take advantage of training opportunities in order to get the status of chartered engineer and/or move on to bigger projects, project management or consultancy. Salaries of manufacturing engineers who go into project management typically range from £23,215 to £39,637 a year according to Payscale.