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Naval Architect Salary

Naval architects' salaries usually depend on their field of specialty, the employer, working hours, the nature of the job, and location of the employer's company.

Experienced naval architects typically earn between £30,000 and £50,000 a year according to Prospects.ac.uk, and those with many years of experience at large firms in the industry can earn even more.

Salaries for all naval architecture jobs in the UK range from £18,677 to £50,565 a year according to Payscale. Naval architects with 1 to 4 years of experience earn between £11,294 and £50,167 a year, and those with 5 to 9 years make from £31,444 to £41,116 a year. The average salary for naval architects in the UK is £33,210 according to MySalary.co.uk.

Starting salary

Starting salaries for naval architects who have a degree in naval architecture typically range from £25,000 to £28,000 a year. Starting salaries for graduates with academic degrees in other relevant disciplines are slightly lower.

Hourly rate

The median hourly wage for naval architects in the UK is £16.61 accoridng to MySalary.co.uk.

General salary information

A naval architect's salary and career choices mainly depend on his or her work experience, especially experience in specialized areas within the industry, as well as on academic and professional qualifications.

Naval architects in graduate positions can speed up their career progress by gaining enough relevant hands-on experience in the industy to gain professional qualifications and obtain the status of chartered engineers. This usually takes about four years of work experience and training in engineering, design, and management. With larger companies, which usually provide graduates with training programs and generally look good on the resume, there is naturally more competition for entry-level jobs, so candidates who are thinking of applying should do so early in their final year of studies. Graduates should always check if the company to which they are applying offers training schemes accredited by a relevant professional body.

If their employer's company does not offer structured training accredited by the Royal Institution of Naval Engineers (RINA), naval architects can turn to the RINA directly for assistance in developing a training program designed to guide them toward chartered status.

Once they are chartered, naval architects' salaries can rise dramatically. They can then choose a particular area of expertise to focus on and specialize in, or they can seek out project management roles in the shipbuilding and related industries.

Naval engineers have an expansive knowledge of engineering and related disciplines, and the knowledge and skills they gain in the industry are transferable to many other sectors. This provides them with a wide range of career options and job opportunities.

Best paid jobs by skill or specialty are naval engineering (£14,203 - £48,694 a year), engineering design (£12,680 - £48,718), and project management (£30,513 - £46,782). London-based naval architecture jobs pay from £14,497 to £50,684 a year. Naval architects with the status of Certified Professional Engineer (PE) usually make between £23,107 and £59,598 a year.

Naval architects can sometimes find opportunities for freelance work and self-employment, or join a consulting firm once they have years of relevant experience under their belt. Naval architects employed in the engineering consulting industry typically earn between £34,010 and £48,718 a year.