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Thank You Letter Tips for Engineers

It is often the case that writing a formal thank you letter can be highly beneficial to an engineer's chances. It is customary to send a thank you to a colleague or contact to show how much you appreciated your recent meeting with them. A similar courtesy is expected after an engineering job interview

The engineering job interview is often focused on your engineering experience. A follow up thank you letter, post interview, gives the engineering recruiter a chance to see your people skills; often the key to securing the engineering position.

A formal thank you letter can be sent in hard copy or by email, depending on the engineering recruiter's preferred mode of communication. The thank you usually consists of three paragraphs. The first and last paragraph typically carry the same message in different variations: in the first, you thank the recruiter for his/her time or the opportunity to interview for the job, and then simply echo the sentiment at the end of the letter.

The second paragraph is used to describe in detail how much you enjoyed the engineering job interview. You should list the insights about the prospective employer's engineering organisation you got from the recruiter. This paragraph can also be used to follow up on any questions you may have.

Our sample engineering interview thank you letter is below.

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Jennifer Smith
Engineering Recruiter
MG Engineering
841 Acacia Road
Liverpool ZT81

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am writing to say how much I appreciated the opportunity to interview for the [Position Name] position at your company on Friday.

The disccusion with you about the role was a superb opportunity for me to learn both about the [Concept 1: e.g. organisation] and the [Concept 2: e.g. specific responsibilites of the role] at your organisation. These explanations and the general description of the potential of the job have made me very eager to join your team of engineers and hopefully contribute towards even more impressive results in the future.

Thank you again for the time you took to discuss this job opportunity with me and for considering me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you once you have made your final decision.

Best regards,


Jennifer Haus